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Pyramid Scheme Alert (PSA) provides current and historical news items that are of interest to our members and visitors. None of the reports or commentaries is intended to imply that any of the referenced companies have been charged or convicted as illegal pyramid schemes.

Ponzis and Pyramids, the Audio Series

Chapter One: Dare Not Say Its Name

Chapter Two: Ponzis in Everyday Life
--Ponzi Captures the Heart of Women
--Ponzi's Pigeon

Chapter Three: Main Street Blues and the Selling of Hope

Chapter Four: The Death of the Salesman and the Rise of Ponzi

Ponzis and Pyramids, the Audio Series

Ponzis and Pyramids is a consumer education audio series examining multi-level marketing and revealing the similarities between Wall Street Ponzis and Main Street Pyramids.

Ponzis and Pyramids is sponsored by Pyramid Scheme Alert and supported by donations from dedicated consumer activists, attorneys, and authors.

Chapter Four: The Death of the Salesman and the Rise of Ponzi

Arthur Miller’s tragic story about washed out salesman, Willie Loman, has many modern applications. We have watched blue collar jobs and entire industries disappear. What about the most basic job description of them all – the door to door salesman?
The question is highly relevant because most of the Main Street Pyramid schemes are disguised as “Direct selling,” also called network marketing. Are the millions solicited to join "network marketing" actually selling products to retail customers? If not, what do they do? Is it possible to make a profit selling soap or vitamins to friends and neighbors? Or are they just recruiting more salespeople? If so, is this really a business opportunity?
Do MLM people really own their "own" businesses or just buying a position on a pyramid? Is the average income of the new people at the bottom justify calling MLM a legitimate "income opportunity?" If 99% always fail, is this really an "opportunity" at all or is it really a financial trap?

To examine these questions, I’ll interview Dr. D. Anthony Miles, a university professor in San Antonio, Texas and an entrepreneurial business owner. We sort our reality from myth and hype. Dr. Miles is a true rarity in business and academia. He lives in both worlds and from the perspective of both scholar and businessperson, he has looked closely and critically at multi-level marketing. In general, the academic world has largely ignored the field of business opportunity fraud and Ponzi schemes. No wonder the schemes are running rampant now. So little is known about them. The interview with Dr. Miles sheds light on this area where so much deception is taken as fact.

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