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Pyramid Scheme Alert (PSA) provides current and historical news items that are of interest to our members and visitors. None of the reports or commentaries is intended to imply that any of the referenced companies have been charged or convicted as illegal pyramid schemes.

Ponzis and Pyramids, the Audio Series

Chapter One: Dare Not Say Its Name

Chapter Two: Ponzis in Everyday Life
--Ponzi Captures the Heart of Women
--Ponzi's Pigeon

Chapter Three: Main Street Blues and the Selling of Hope

Chapter Four: The Death of the Salesman and the Rise of Ponzi

Ponzis and Pyramids, the Audio Series

Ponzis and Pyramids is a consumer education audio series examining multi-level marketing and revealing the similarities between Wall Street Ponzis and Main Street Pyramids.

Ponzis and Pyramids is sponsored by Pyramid Scheme Alert and supported by donations from dedicated consumer activists, attorneys, and authors.

Chapter Two: Ponzis in Everyday Life

  • Ponzi Wins the Heart of Women
  • Ponzi's Pigeons

We do not have to open the newspaper to learn about Ponzi’s modern legacy. Ponzi’s legacy is now an every-day experience, shared by tens of millions of people in America and worldwide. Wherever you turn, there is Ponzi, whispering friend to friend about a great new opportunity, the chance of a lifetime, but you need to act now. This chapter of Ponzis and Pyramids looks at two enormous and tragic pyramid schemes that swept Canada and the USA recently:
The first is the Women Helping Women "Gifting" Pyramid" that ensnared as many as a half million women in North America and spread to England, Africa, Australia and beyond. The second is the Pigeon breeding Ponzi that ruined nearly 1,000 family farmers.

To discuss these extraordinary frauds, Canadian Consumer Activist David Thornton of CrimeBustersNow.com is interviewed. Mr. Thornton was the first and most prominent whistle-blower to bring down the tragic Pigeon Ponzi that wiped out so many Canadian farmers. For his actions, he has paid a high price. For naming one prominent scam in Canada a pyramid scheme, he was sued in court for $10 million dollars. Dave Thornton defended himself in court. He did not even have an attorney but represented himself against a team of Canada’s best paid lawyers.
Dave Thornton won!

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