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Donate to Pyramid Scheme Alert

Pyramid Scheme Alert is a not-for-profit, volunteer organization. Despite the many hundreds of donated hours, there are still some expenses. Please support PSA if you have ever

  • been fleeced in an MLM and then been categorized as a 'loser'
  • discovered your upline's income really came from selling you tapes, seminars and false hopes
  • seen a family member, friend, or co-worker taken over by MLM dreams
  • been concerned at what this US 'export' does in third world countries.

Your contributions will help us to maintain this website, and continue our research, our lobbying efforts, and our programs to educate consumers and regulators about pyramid scheme fraud.

Donate online using PayPal or Credit Cards

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Volunteer to be a PSA watchdog in your state and help stop the deceptive lobbying by MLM schemes to legalize pyramid sales scams. Contact us for more information.

This page last updated on 2/15/10