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Pyramid Scheme Alert (PSA) provides current and historical news items that are of interest to our members and visitors. None of the reports or commentaries is intended to imply that any of the referenced companies have been charged or convicted as illegal pyramid schemes.

Ponzis and Pyramids, the Audio Series

Chapter One: Dare Not Say Its Name

Chapter Two: Ponzis in Everyday Life
--Ponzi Captures the Heart of Women
--Ponzi's Pigeon

Chapter Three: Main Street Blues and the Selling of Hope

Chapter Four: The Death of the Salesman and the Rise of Ponzi

Ponzis and Pyramids, the Audio Series

Ponzis and Pyramids is a consumer education audio series examining multi-level marketing and revealing the similarities between Wall Street Ponzis and Main Street Pyramids.

Ponzis and Pyramids is sponsored by Pyramid Scheme Alert and supported by donations from dedicated consumer activists, attorneys, and authors.

Chapter Three: Main Street Blues and the Selling of Hope

At the heart of the pyramid scheme fraud is the false promise of income. This promise meets one of the highest and surely the most basic need of all, the need to work and to survive and support a family.
This need has become more intense in recent times as debt, cost of living and the pressures of consumerism have risen while income and job opportunities have declined. The current “Great Recession” has worsened these conditions, creating the perfect storm for a marketing fraud to exploit. Consider these facts:
-- In three years, there have been more than 7.1 million foreclosures in the U.S.
-- In 2009, nearly 60 percent of mortgage defaults were triggered, not by bad mortgage terms, but by unemployment which is now at 10%
-- Overall national poverty rate hit an 11-year high of 13.2 percent in 2008
-- The African- American poverty rate was 24.6 percent, the Latino rate was 23.2 percent,
-- 36% of all consumer debt is high interest credit card debt.
-- U.S. consumer bankruptcies increased 32 percent nationwide in 2009 from the previous year.

To discuss how the pain on Main Street is exploited by multi-level marketing is author and consumer activist Ruth Carter, author of Amway Motivation Organizations, Behind the Smoke and Mirros. She is the publisher of the groundbreaking MLM Survivors.com, one of the first whistle-blowing websites, and she is the creator of the MLM Survivors Club, a popular and immensely valuable forum for victims of multi-level marketing.

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Ground-breaking inside account of Amway "tools" business, recruitment tactics, and persuasion techniques by Ruth Carter..

Canadian Consumer Website Exposing Pyramids and Ponzis in Canada and worldwide.

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