After nearly three decades of operating in the shadows, “multi-level marketing” has recently become the focus of a feature investigative article in Rolling Stone magazinethe subject of the popular NPR radio documentary show, This American Lifea full length television documentary in Russia, and MLM seems to be in the business media every day. When the media looks closely the reality of deception and public harm is exposed.
Now, it is headed for the silver screen. A full-length documentary film, entitled MAN ON TOP, is scheduled for release soon, directed by filmmaker, Paul Mathieu
The film on MLM is being independently directed, produced and financed. You can contribute and help make the film a reality
According to the synopsis on the film’s website, MAN ON TOP is focused on the history, psychology, and present-day reality of multi-level marketing companies. For decades, multi-level marketing companies such as Amway, Avon and Herbalife have promised wealth, health, and happiness to millions upon millions of American dreamers.  But under the surface loom whispers of cultish brainwashing, empty promises, and broken dreams. Are MLM’s really thriving businesses offering legitimate opportunities, or are they merely economic cults expertly crafted by modern-day snake oil salesmen to bilk unsuspecting, hopeful citizens out of their hard-earned savings?”
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