The Plainest Truth of MLM is the Most Avoided

If “Selling the Dream” were about mouse traps and written to help mice, the book would offer a lot of interesting information about various cheeses and other baits, their quality, taste, color, etc. It would tell the mice some colorful stories about the trap’s inventors. But it would avoid telling the mice right from the start, clearly, and forcefully that the cheese sits on a malevolent device designed to break their little necks! It would not definitively explain that the device is a murderous trap, not a plate of free food, as it is disguised.


"What About This One?"

What About This One?

How do you tell the difference between legitimate direct selling and pyramid recruitment schemes?

Many -- too many -- are financial traps, but which ones?

This free audio and written report provides the tools and facts you need to spot the scams. Get it now.

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