Herbalife is at the center of headline news stories right now. Major investors are calling Herbalife a “pyramid scheme” and a money trap. They report that 99% of all who sign up never make a profit. They say the products are overpriced and most people join up in the hopes of making money in the Herbalife pay plan, not just to get the products.  And they say that few Herbalife distributors ever retail the products to end-user customers. Anyone who makes money does so only after they recruit other salespeople.

You can help regulators, attorneys, and investors better understand this controversial company by adding your experience and opinion. Please let us hear from you.

  • Are you an Herbalife distributor? Supervisor?
  • Have you ever been involved in Herbalife as a distributor in the past?
  • Did you personally retail the products? Did you recruit others to join up?
  • Did you try to sell or recruit and but were not successful? Why?
  • Did you make a lot of money? Lose money?
  • Did you buy “leads”? Go to conferences?
  • Why did  you  join up? Make money?  Retail products? Get the products yourself at a discount?
  • Are you still buying the products even if you are no longer a distributor?
  • Would you recommend others to join up too?

 Email us with your story, comments, thoughts. Your voice makes a difference!

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