On May 2, an extraordinary event was held in New York City in which courageous citizens who had been injured at the hands of the MLM, Herbalife and its recruiters, came forth publicly and told their MLM stories. This is a voice that has not been quiet, but, but rather has been ignored or suppressed for decades until now. The stories were told in a compelling documentary and then elaborated in person by four members of a panel discussion group. PSA President, Robert L. FitzPatrick served as the volunteer moderator for the panel.

Videos of the  event and the documentary are now available free on line. They serve as an important step in breaking the silence and the coverup of financial consequences of MLM.

1. Documentary of Herbalife Distributor Losses: About 15-minutes, dramatic accounts of large financial losses experienced by consumers who joined Herbalife and invested in its affiliated “leads” program.

2. “Herbalife Distributors Speak Out” The panel discussion and questions presented in New York on May 2, includes the documentary. About 90 minutes