In a new, hour-long interviewJordan Harbinger (The Art of Charm) asked PSA President, Robert FitzPatrick to explore the deepest, darkest elements of MLM. The interview examines how MLMs capture people’s dreams, take over their lives, and insinuate into families and communities. Harbinger’s interest sprang from his work to aid men in discovering their own power in being more attractive socially as well as projecting their power effectively in the workplace for greater achievement. He has observed many people who believe multi-level marketing to be a pathway or a short-cut to total success and freedom. He witnessed some abandoning education, jobs, and relationships in their belief in MLM. He also saw virtually universal failure rates in the MLM quests. Harbinger asked what is MLM’s strange power, why virtually all who sign up fail to reach its promised goals, and why so many people will not examine MLM critically, using normal business and personal judgment. Hear the interview.