New Audio Series Focuses on "Main Street" Ponzis and Pyramid Schemes (downloadable MP3)

December, 2009

Pyramid Scheme Alert has launched an audio documentary focused on Main Street Ponzis, such as multi-level markerting, aka MLM or Network Marketing, cash gifting schemes, and other "business opportunity" scams. In recent years, light has finally come to Wall Street’s frauds but Main Street’s remain largely disguised as upstanding enterprises, just as Enron and Bernard Madoff operated “legally” for decades. Pyramids and Ponzis is hosted by PSA President, Robert L. FitzPatrick. The first show explored the pervasiveness of fraud in multi-level markerting from first misleading introductions to deceptive recruitment tactics, to the promotions of bogus "success tools."

Each segment of the series can be downloaded for listening on MP3 players.