The new book, PONZINOMICS, The Untold Story of Multi-Level Marketing, by Robert L. FitzPatrick is discussed in a popular writer’s podcast hosted by Landis Wade in Charlotte, NC, where FitzPatrick is based.

The 40 minute podcast delves into the meaning of the term, “Ponzinomics,” how and why the book — the first of its kind — was written and how it has been received. The Charlotte Readers’ Podcast is the most popular and widely distributed literary podcast in the metro Charlotte area. For those who have heard or read about the book, Ponzinomics, and how it examines “multi-level marketing”, this interview is the best and quickest way to take a look. It includes a brief reading of a section of the book about the meaning and significance of “multi-level marketing” on individuals and entire countries.

Listen to the Interview with Robert FitzPatrick