Wounded Souls, the Inner-Life of MLM Victims

New Book “Ponzinomics” Reveals how Politics, not Law, Protects MLM and Lets It Continue Pyramid Recruiting

The upcoming book, Ponzinomics,The Untold Story of Multi-Level Marketing and How Direct Selling Became an American Swindle, delves deeply into these questions. It’s conclusions, which some may find disheartening, even shocking, strip away this phony narrative of government helplessness and legal “complexity” that leaves the public vulnerable and hopeless


"What About This One?"

What About This One?

How do you tell the difference between legitimate direct selling and pyramid recruitment schemes?

Many -- too many -- are financial traps, but which ones?

This free audio and written report provides the tools and facts you need to spot the scams. Get it now.

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