One of the country’s fastest growing “direct selling” companies, called Fortune High Tech Marketing, was recently prosecuted by the state of Montana for operating an illegal pyramid scheme. Now, a group of distributors for the scheme has sued it, making essentially the same claims as the Montana regulators did. They are asking for restitution for all consumers who have lost money  in it. A class action lawsuit has been filed in  U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Kentucky. It names a long list of FHTM promoters and officers as defendants. The case is being handled by one of the larger and more experienced law firm in America, Dinsmore and Shohl.

FHTM has been the subject of news media coverage that questioned its claims of income potential. In one report by an NBC affiliate investigative  news show it was revealed that the wife of the former CEO of Bank of America was a scheme recruiter. She claimed to be “helping” people, but actual income data released by the company showed that more than 96% of  all FHTM distributors failed to make a profit.