In a recent article in the Sunday Times, journalist, Robin Henry, reports that a USA-based MLM, called Forever Living Products (FLP), has infiltrated the UK’s public health system and its recruiters are using the tax-paid healthcare program as a cover for promoting the financial scheme that involves buying its “health” products and recruiting more “distributors.” Some British taxpayers seeking medical services have reportedly been advised NHS agents, who turn out to be FLP recruiters, to purchase their FLP’s aloe vera-based “food supplements” to treat, cure or prevent various health problems. The scheme has previously been warned by the government against making medical claims. FLP is recruiting NHS workers, urging them to use their NHS positions for earning supplemental income from purchases made by NHS service patrons (UK taxpayers). FLP has also become the focus of a large and active chat room in the UK of victims and critics and some are charging that the scheme is engaging in cult persuasion techniques. See the full article HERE.