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MLM companies present challenges for the serious researcher. Many are privately owned, and disclose minimal information. Many of the publicly owned MLMs will not provide information relating to the "success" of their participants. Here are a few links to some of the objective research which has been done on MLM.

The Myth of MLM Income Opportunity
A special consumer report that reveals the actual losses of 99% of all recruits in major MLMs. Data is presented from the MLM schemes and analyzes it a way that is understandable. The report also details the tricks used by the schemes to lure people. Shocking losses and extraordinary deception are exposed. -- Free PDF Download

Survey of Tax Preparers: Professional tax preparers in Utah (home to the largest number of MLM headquarters) and Idaho (which also has a number of MLM headquarters) to determine profitability of MLMs for participants.

Top Ten Things I Learned from Ten Years' Research on Network Marketing or MLM.

The Quixtar Business Analysis Page.

Help protect consumers in your state!
Volunteer to be a PSA watchdog in your state and help stop the deceptive lobbying by MLM schemes to legalize pyramid sales scams. Contact us for more information.

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