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The Network Marketing Game

by Jon M. Taylor, PhD

The Network Marketing Game, a book for concerned members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints will help you answer these questions:

  • Is network marketing (multi-level marketing) a profitable business?
  • Is it ethical? Should I get involved? How should I respond to recruiters?
  • Are there gospel principles which can guide me in making decisions regarding network marketing and other wealth building opportunities?
  • How can 1 achieve the greatest wealth possible?

Jon Taylor went from an outspoken critic to an enthusiastic convert of network marketing and Executive distributor for a successful company. The Network Marketing Game chronicles his experiences and observations as he built his organization with the aid of a dynamic upline. It also describes the great appeal of network marketing.

As Taylor pursued network marketing's path to riches, he began researching the topic of true wealth as found in the scriptures -- and in the teachings of prophets and great thinkers past and present. He then developed the 'Principles of True Wealth,' which apply to anyone seeking wealth from any source. Curious, he compared these principles with the promises of network marketing. Hiss discoveries were enlightening.

In this book Dr. Taylor shares his research and insights so others can profit from them. He offers warnings that can help network marketing enthusiasts avoid serious losses. He also offers suggestions for anyone seeking to survive and prosper in this competitive world. As an added bonus, the 53 cartoons by Cal Grondahl help us laugh at ourselves as we go about the business of making money, especially those who attempt it through network marketing.

ISBN 0965794709


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