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Amway Motivational Organizations: Behind the Smoke and Mirrors

by Ruth Carter

ISBN 0967107024


This book attacks head-on the issues that the Amway Motivational Organizations (AMOs) have been avoiding for years:

  • Where do the AMO Diamonds really make their money? Follow a Diamond Case Study, the real income and expenses of an AMO leader.
  • Why do they say that the people who don't succeed in Amway are just lazy, or don't have a dream?
  • It's not true that "anyone can succeed who wants to." Why?
  • Why do I hear so often that Amway is a cult? What is a cult, anyway?

Ruth Carter spent 15 years as an Amway distributor. During most of that time she was completely immersed in her upline's Motivational Organization. She also spent nearly five years working for her upline Diamond in his office. Only then did she witness the trickery, deception, and unethical behavior that pervades the Amway Motivational Organizations, or AMOs.

This book reveals the truth behind the smoke and mirrors of the Amway motivational business.

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