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Help protect consumers in your state! Volunteer to be a PSA watchdog and help stop the Direct Selling Association's attempts to legalize pyramid schemes state by state. Contact us for more information.

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Take Action Now!

Petition to Protect Consumers from the Legalization of Product-Base Pyramid Scheme Marketers

Take Action Now!

Call or write to your elected officials and urge them to reject the current effort of the Direct Selling Association to enact its industry-sponsored legislation that would serve to legalize all product-based pyramid schemes.

Points to make in your statement:

  • The bills that are sponsored by the DSA both at the state and federal level create loopholes and exclusions that allow harmful, predatory, and deceptive marketing practices.
  • The clever and misleading wording of the bill gives the appearance of consumer protection, but in fact achieves the opposite.
  • The effect of the bills is to permit marketing practices that are currently prosecuted as pyramid fraud by state and federal authorities. Effectively, this proposed law would enable pyramid fraud to operate with the cloak of legitimacy.

Other Actions

Call or write to your State's Attorney General to express your concern about the DSA-sponsored pyramid scheme legislation. Ask them to issue a statement about it.

Call or write to the Federal Trade Commission to express your concern about the DSA-sponsored pyramid scheme legislation.

Let PSA Know!

Please let us know who you're contacting, and what their response is. You can email us copies of correspondence at "petitions at pyramidschemealert dot org." (Take out the spaces and put in the appropriate symbols instead of the words. We're just trying to cut down on spam.)

Support PSA

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Who Do I Contact?

Federal Trade Commission
600 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W., Washington, D.C. 20580

Find Your State Attorney General Website

US House of Representatives Directory

US Senate Directory

National Conference of State Legislatures Website

This page last updated on 10/11/2004