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Help protect consumers in your state! Volunteer to be a PSA watchdog and help stop the Direct Selling Association's attempts to legalize pyramid schemes state by state. Contact us for more information.

Former Herbalife participants wanted for class action lawsuit. The law firm that sued Newest Way to Wealth wants to pursue other "lead generation" systems within Herbalife. Click here for contact information.

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Take Action in the UK

If you have been involved in Amway/A2K in the UK, please submit this form to Pyramid Scheme Alert immediately. This information will not be made public, but will be used as part of a serious investigation, so we will need your name and contact information.

Please use the link below to provide your name, dates of involvement, line of sponsorship, and some basic profit/loss information.

Please provide any other details that you feel are relevant. Your experiences are very important and we thank you, in advance, for sharing them.

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Were any of the following or similar representations made to you?



You did not have to sell products to customers... Simply "buy from

In 2-5 years working 8-15 hours per week that you could become
financially independent as long as you utilized the "proven training

It is important to invest your money and time in the system
because success was assured.

Were you taught to track your success by the number of people you
had utilizing the system of books, tapes, and seminars?

Was advice given to give up personal time with your family, special
events, etc. because the seminars or upline meetings should be the

Were you told that the sole way to make money was to read books,
listen to tapes, and attend all of the meetings?

Can we contact you for additional information? Yes No

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This page last updated on 10/17/2004